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How to make a wreath for use on the hair!!!!!!!!!

Materials Needed:
coroa de flores como fazer
1. pliers
2. scissors
3. Green plastic wire
4. Green tape
5. Barbed wire 20 (found in stores of building materials)
6. Many flowers and leaves. Here I used natural flowers, but you can also use artificial flowers, plastic or fabric

Step 1 - The Crown

With the pliers, cut a piece of barbed wire 20 and make a hoop the size of your head. Tough to get well, do the rim with two laps. Secure the tip by twisting the tip of the wire with the pliers and encape all around with green tape.

Step 2 - Flowers       

Cut flowers and leaves leaving a piece of the stem and put them together into small cliques. Wrap tightly with a piece of green plastic wire. (This wire is much like those found in packs of bread and flexible. Attaching the flowers just cheer snuggly)

Mix leaves and flowers of different shapes and colors in each clique. This will leave his crown much more cheerful!

Step 3 - Placing flowers on the crown

Now just hold the little groups of flowers right next to each other on the ring that you prepared in step 1, always giving several laps and apertadinhas green plastic wire up to walk around the entire crown.

Now, if you want a more discreet accessory, bet on staples!

Attach one of the cliques of flowers from step 2 in a hairpin. It is simple and cute!

How to make a ceramic decorated for errands!!!!!!!  

como fazer lousa
Having a whiteboard (these chalk even!) In the room is very cool. You can write things, draw or ask your friends leave cute messages when you are vistar: is stylish and fun! Let the piece even more amazing opting for a different format or a particular painting. Want to learn? It is very simple:
What you will need:
01? An oval frame, the size you prefer.

02? Matte black enamel paint, found at any hardware store for construction.

03? White craft paint

04? White glue

05? A disposable plastic pot

06? A roll of foam for painting

07? Fine sandpaper to wood

08? Stencil to paint the design you choose (found at craft stores)

09? Brushes

How do?

1. Prepare all
como fazer lousa

Before you start, line the space you will use with newspaper. So your mom will not find anything bad if you mess with paint!
Then sand the frame and the bottom of the slate with fine sandpaper. Pass a dry washcloth to dust.

2. Painting the whiteboard
Okay, now let's begin.

Put a bit of enamel paint in matte black plastic pot (like the ink is permanent, it is important that the pot is disposable). Spread the paint and roll the bottom of the frame. Allow to dry and repeat. It's nice to at least two coats of paint to look good black

This ink takes a while to dry, but if you're anxious, accelerate the process with a hair dryer! Another tip is to paint both the front and the back of the bottom of the frame, to the finish look better.

3. Painting the frame
como fazer lousa

With the white paint and brush, paint the entire frame of the slate. Allow to dry and repeat. If you find you have not got good white, apply a third.

After the white paint dries, place the stencil and fill in the designs with black ink. Go doing this until you complete all around.
After sequinho okay, turn the frame upside down and apply white glue on the edge that holds the bottom and paste, now painted black.

5. There you go!

como fazer lousa

Now just write? or ask them to write? cool things using chalk school. And when you get bored, just erase and write again.

Warning: the ideal is to wait at least a week for the black ink dry completely before starting to write and erase the chalk!

How do cape studded rocker Mobile!!!!!!

If you have a rocker style and want to let your phone more fashion, run to make a cape tacks!

What you will need:

como fazer capa celular rock tachinhas

Tacks (or spikes), found in dry goods stores;
A piece of cardboard;
A pencil;
A cape smooth silicone cell;
Spatula, dull knife or clippers.
Step 1: With the pencil, make little marks where you want to apply the tacks. Be creative! You can place them in rows, or can mount designs like heart or skull, for example.
Step 2: Place the pushpin on the mark you made with the pencil and tighten until the teeth pass through to the other side.

Step 3: With the spatula (can be a knife or pliers) tighten the teeth of tack inside to fix it.

como fazer capa celular rock tachinhas

Step 4: Go putting thumbtacks on all the markings, repentido steps 2 and 3.

como fazer capa celular rock tachinhas

Step 5: Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of the inside of the dust cap (if your phone has camera, remember to make a cut in the space of the lens).

Step 6: Put that piece of cardboard cut from the inside of the dust cap before? Wear? your phone. So you avoid the tacks scratching the device;)

Ready! Your mobile has won another guy!
como fazer capa celular rock tachinhas

How to make a cushion with custom phrases!!!!!!!!!!!

You will need:
- Cushion cover color or white clarinha
- Pencil lesson (those you use in school)
- Scissors
- Pen for fabric
- Ruler with stencil letters (sold in newsagents)
- Piece of heavy paper
- Cardboard small (can be a cover of notebook that you no longer use, for example)
- Ruler 30 cm or more

Step 1
Trace the lines

To make it easier to write letters and get well retinhas, trace lines that serve as guides.
The ideal is to make lines of 3cm for the lyrics and leave a little space of 1.5 cm between sentences. The path is very much like this photo!

Step 2
Make the mold heart

On the cardboard, draw a heart that has the same height of the letter. Cut the cardstock and remove the "core" of the heart. This will serve as a template so you can put the heart design between sentences.

Step 3
Trace the letters and hearts
Attach the letters of the rule within the line you traced, and draw the outline of them writing the phrases you chose. Do the same with the mold heart until the end of the pad.

Step 4
Protect the fabric
Before starting to paint the letters with fabric pen, place the cardboard (or book cover) inside the cushion. Thus, you ensures that pen ink will not leak to the back side of the fabric!

Step 5
Paint the letters
Start tracing the outline of the letters with the tip of the pen. Try to calm, so that the trace becomes very thin! Then fill the entire space.
If you prefer, you can leave some phrases or words with only the outline stroke. This helps to highlight the text.

Final result

After that, just erase the pencil lines with the eraser. If you do not go all out, do not worry: the excesses diminish after the first wash. Just do not forget that you need to wait three days until the ink is completely dry before washing.

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