quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

How to make a wreath for use on the hair!!!!!!!!!

Materials Needed:
coroa de flores como fazer
1. pliers
2. scissors
3. Green plastic wire
4. Green tape
5. Barbed wire 20 (found in stores of building materials)
6. Many flowers and leaves. Here I used natural flowers, but you can also use artificial flowers, plastic or fabric

Step 1 - The Crown

With the pliers, cut a piece of barbed wire 20 and make a hoop the size of your head. Tough to get well, do the rim with two laps. Secure the tip by twisting the tip of the wire with the pliers and encape all around with green tape.

Step 2 - Flowers       

Cut flowers and leaves leaving a piece of the stem and put them together into small cliques. Wrap tightly with a piece of green plastic wire. (This wire is much like those found in packs of bread and flexible. Attaching the flowers just cheer snuggly)

Mix leaves and flowers of different shapes and colors in each clique. This will leave his crown much more cheerful!

Step 3 - Placing flowers on the crown

Now just hold the little groups of flowers right next to each other on the ring that you prepared in step 1, always giving several laps and apertadinhas green plastic wire up to walk around the entire crown.

Now, if you want a more discreet accessory, bet on staples!

Attach one of the cliques of flowers from step 2 in a hairpin. It is simple and cute!