quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

How to make a cushion with custom phrases!!!!!!!!!!!

You will need:
- Cushion cover color or white clarinha
- Pencil lesson (those you use in school)
- Scissors
- Pen for fabric
- Ruler with stencil letters (sold in newsagents)
- Piece of heavy paper
- Cardboard small (can be a cover of notebook that you no longer use, for example)
- Ruler 30 cm or more

Step 1
Trace the lines

To make it easier to write letters and get well retinhas, trace lines that serve as guides.
The ideal is to make lines of 3cm for the lyrics and leave a little space of 1.5 cm between sentences. The path is very much like this photo!

Step 2
Make the mold heart

On the cardboard, draw a heart that has the same height of the letter. Cut the cardstock and remove the "core" of the heart. This will serve as a template so you can put the heart design between sentences.

Step 3
Trace the letters and hearts
Attach the letters of the rule within the line you traced, and draw the outline of them writing the phrases you chose. Do the same with the mold heart until the end of the pad.

Step 4
Protect the fabric
Before starting to paint the letters with fabric pen, place the cardboard (or book cover) inside the cushion. Thus, you ensures that pen ink will not leak to the back side of the fabric!

Step 5
Paint the letters
Start tracing the outline of the letters with the tip of the pen. Try to calm, so that the trace becomes very thin! Then fill the entire space.
If you prefer, you can leave some phrases or words with only the outline stroke. This helps to highlight the text.

Final result

After that, just erase the pencil lines with the eraser. If you do not go all out, do not worry: the excesses diminish after the first wash. Just do not forget that you need to wait three days until the ink is completely dry before washing.