segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Christmas bell Plastic Bottle

Christmas bells represent the advert for humanity birth of Jesus Christ , the Savior . The pealing of Christmas bells represent the message " Jesus was born " . Furthermore , it is believed that the sound of bells can away everything bad and bring good luck .

What you'll need to do:

- Stiletto ;
- Scissors ;
- Nail ;
- Hammer ;
- Bottles pet ;
- Polka Dot Christmas Ornament ;
- Yarn of nylon ;
- Tape Loops ;
- Garland ;
- Pinecone ;
- Acrylic paint ;
- Brush ;
- Glitter or glitter glue.

Step - by-step :

1. Take the PET bottle and cut it to six inches of the curve . To begin cutting first use the stylus and then finish the cut with scissors . If you want to give a " smooth " finish on the bell pass quickly cut the part on a hot plate . You can also use serrated scissors , this case is not necessary to make the finish.

2 . To make the pendulum bell , use Christmas cookie that already has right place to tie the nylon thread. Pass the cord through the cap of the bottle , which must be predrilled with the help of nail and hammer, and tie a knot at the tip top and cover. Tie the end of the wire that was inside of the bell ball christmas .

3 . To give the ideal finish to use acrylic paint and throw some glitter. Tie the ribbons and put the garland . If you can use pine cones to decorate the bell . You can make an ornament using two bottles , you just finish with a knot , the ends of the nylon cords that are out of the cap and your ornament is ready .