domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

Star Christmas Plastic Bottle

Material : - Bottles of soda, - scissors , liquid glue , glue with glitter - Coffee capsules , wire or tape .

1. Remove the bottom of the bottle , with the orientation on the same circle marked .

Note that the bottom of the bottle there are spaces that are marked as shown in the photo below :

2 . Make a cut between spaces . In the colorless background there are five -six spaces on green background . Start by joining the ends inward , folding to form a triangle . Repeat the process until all form -pointed star .

3 . Knead the coffee capsule that will be the center of the star. Stick with liquid glue . Decorate with glitter glue star with the desired color.

4 . If you want to hang it , will have to make a small hole with a needle heated in the fire . Thread yarn or ribbon and hang anywhere.

TIP : Paint star with permanent ink pens or stained glass . Several stars glued a circle forming a wreath or an embellishment to the center of the table. You can replace the coffee capsule for silver paper balls , corks or bottle caps .