sábado, 23 de novembro de 2013


1. Grab a clean and well washed , preferably in green plastic bottle . Then, with the scissors cutting the bottom of the bottle according to the checkmark exists in the bottle to facilitate a perfect cut.

2. Cut the bottle into strips about 1.5 cm wide by the end of the bottleneck of the bottle. After arrendonde tips with the help of scissors cut each strip.

3.Carefully use a candle. The secret of the tree is the effect it will produce passing each strip in the sail . CAUTION : Hold good, as it passes the candle for her not crease too ( otherwise it will shrink more than necessary ) . Give a space of about 2.00 cm every last candle ( making a move to up and down with quick movements , like a back and forth ) to a dark tone appear in strips cut from plastic bottles.

4.After doing this process, the size of your Christmas tree will depend on the amount of bottles used, hence the more bottles using higher your Christmas tree.