domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

Christmas wreath of Plastic Bottles

You will need:

- Plastic bottles of different colors
- Scissors
- Cola
- Glitter
- Wire
- Screwdriver
- Lighter or match

How to make:

1. Cut the bottom of the bottles on the line drawn in it.
2. To give a rounded finish burn the edges with a candle or lighter and then make two small cuts, one on each end, and fold into the bottle. Do this on all cylinders. The ideal form for your wreath amount will vary depending on the size chosen.
3. Heat the tip of the screwdriver and drill a hole in the parts where the wire will.
4. Apply glue and glitter on the number of bottles you want and let it dry.
5. To protect the garnish, make a mixture of half glue and water and go over all the work.
6. Once dry, pass the wire through the holes made in the bottom of the pieces and fit them.
7. To finish just put a loop.